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Faith comes by hearing. Hearing by the word of the Master Artist

This year, are you seeking to build your faith? or just want to know more about the Old Testament and New Testament? Different Religions and their practices? Want self-care and house care tips + products? or simply want to be lead to a NEW LIFE of Mental Healing + Spiritual Wholeness? - Subscribe today and Tune in live each week on our social platforms. 


Journey through the Master Artist's word 2023. 

You will be presented with FREEDOM | FAITH | FINE ARTS


Mission: Spread the message of authenticity | while impacting lives through FREEDOM | FAITH | FINE ARTS


You will be enlightened, challenged, encouraged, and restored.

Are you looking for a safe space? A church home? A community? Join Restoration Church - A C.O.O.L Church - Candid. Open. Optimistic. Loving

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