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BA- Morehouse College 

MDIV- McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University

G.I.Adams Worldwide exists to spread the message of authenticity, while impacting lives through FREEDOM + Faith + Fine Arts. We create awareness of body, soul, and spirit. Encouraging balance and enlightenment. Ushering a peaceful and life changing vibe which will create balance, awareness, and wholeness to self and communities at-large. 

This team is on their own respective healing journeys as well. We are committed to share experiences and encourage everyone to grow alongside of us. We are here to amplify the voices of mental health, spiritual development, art, and nature. 

We seek to spread peace, love, and light, while helping to make self-care and wholeness resources, tools, and practices more accessible.

Our mission

our vision

As a body, we are manifesting a peaceful, kinder, and creative world where everyone- regardless of faith, race, sexual orientation, economic status, or culture -- is granted that same right to healing, balance, and wholeness.

We prophecy a future where many are emotionally intelligent, spiritually balanced, physically nurtured, and aware of their inherent self-worth. Dialogues around mental health are normalized, and individuals will know that they are not alone.


Our feelings matter, in-fact, everyone is encouraged to feel their feelings, know their triggers, become emotionally intelligent, use resources that are readily accessible to the lost, broken, or empty. Ultimately our vision is that everyone would choose self-care over insecurities or self-harm. 

Giving back to our community

Supporting the community directly, and the organizations that work with-in is our mission. 

We will commit, a minimum of 10% of our net profit to communities and organizations that will assist with suicide prevention, mental + spiritual development, and non-profits. 

Our community sowing is a major extension of our mission and an opportunity to sow into those who have not reaped well in previous times.  This giving back to the community will actively work to help those who are in need and do vital healing work. 

Since 2017 G.I. Adams Worldwide in partnership with Art of Virtue and Truly Organic Farms began considering new ways of being a blessing to the least fortunate, by sowing seeds, and whatever is harvested is sown into those who are least fortunate. We can not do this on our own we need your help. Sow today and reap the harvest. 

It is in community where change, healing, balance, and wholeness can truly happen.

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